“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

Proverbs 31:29 (NIV)

Few nights ago, I was reading a novel that provoked deep thoughts, I began to ask me some questions.

The question of identity stood tall amidst all –  Who am I?

So many have lived their lives through the eyes of others, reduplicating peoples thoughts and life patterns without discerning their special & noble attributes.

For me, Imitation & introjection has been topmost in a world where God has carefully placed mentors & excellent role models in my life but amazingly, it’s my sole responsibility of yielding to God’s perception of me. Kindly refer to my post on mentorship  https://wp.me/p8ryTM-2F

Now, dear reader I’m asking you the same question – Who are you?  


God’s word (our mirror) can lead us to discover what our individual meaning of beauty truly is and should be. It is safe to deter from looking at physical appearance for God looks at the heart in all people and things. 

A beautiful self image creates a beautiful visage.




❤What’s your focus? What’s your perspective?
Challenging the Excellence in you…Stirring up your innate ability to rise…#NoLimits…..

❤You’re dauntless and limitless.

❤You can be on the verge of loosing a God given future because you see some things as normal.

You have to begin to see some things as abnormal now before it’s too late.
Sometimes we think faith, hope & prayers work in all situations.

Faith alone can’t make you pass an exams, you gotta 📖 study…
Praying doesn’t get you rich, understanding the principles of wealth creation and sowing does. Continue reading “WHAT ARE THOSE LIMITS? GET RID OF THEM.”


Have you ever suffered a defamation?

Have you been at the verge of making it big and someone pulls a button that makes all your hardwork come to nothing?

Or for a crime you didn’t commit, have you been indicted?

If you’ve experienced any of these or more, what was your reaction; and if you’ve not, what do you think it would’ve been? Continue reading “ONE THING IS NEEDFUL: THE RIGHT RESPONSE”

There is always a way to win.

Know what you desire and go for it.

Love what you do best and train others to be better than you.

Success is planned, not a miracle.

Success is impacting the world with the investment of your personality.

I urge you to choose to be an associate of success.


SUCCESS is the result of perseverance, hard work, faithfulness and discipline

Continue reading “Edible Quotes”

Do you ever catch yourself making excuses?

Have you ever neglected taking responsibility for the events and circumstances of your life?


Do you try to explain why you didn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or simply wouldn’t do something? 

These are all subtle signs that indicate you are living a life of excuses. Continue reading “How to Eliminate Excuses”


The world is a noisy, overcrowded place

Building momentum for performance is often an uphill battle.

What makes a man really successful in a noisy world?

What gives him the ability to perpetuate success regardless of his location?

How can a man transform his world and walk in divine excellence always?

It has been proven empirically that a man’s ability to control his inner environment is usually the difference between success and failure. Continue reading “Amazing Reality: This Will Blow Your Mind”

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