How to Eliminate Excuses

Do you ever catch yourself making excuses?

Have you ever neglected taking responsibility for the events and circumstances of your life?


Do you try to explain why you didn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or simply wouldn’t do something? 

These are all subtle signs that indicate you are living a life of excuses.

Make a way to win always and save the excuse.

– RichIni

Excuses are invalid reasons for a neglect of duty.

At first glance, it may look genuine…but with a closer look, it is actually flimsy.

There are many reasons why we make excuses.

In fact everyone has different reasons for making them.

Sometimes maybe: fear of success, fear of change, fear of making mistakes, fear of responsibility or lack of confidence.

To eliminate excuses from our lives we must first look at eliminating all traces of fear.

Fear traps and locks us within our comfort zone.

When you become fearless, you become limitless… Success requires audacity 


 Fear often develops as a result of a lack of understanding, information, resources, experience or perspective.

If you lack all these things, you will naturally lack confidence, and as a result you will fail to take the action necessary to achieve your goals and objectives.

Consequently you will tend to make excuses about your life and circumstances in order to help boost your self-esteem.

However, all you’re doing is creating an illusion of security. You’re simply masking the pain by taking a pain killer.

The pain is still there, and will continue to persist until you finally overcome your fears.

If you are not achieving the results you want; it’s time to put an end to excuses because when you loose your excuses, you find your result. 

The following are some tips to help you eliminate excuses.

  1. Take responsibility:  When you accept responsibility, you take control of your life.  Making excuses robs you of your personal power.
  2. Focus on what matters: To do that, you simply need to identify the most important task and focus on completing it. If you then have spare time, you can focus on tasks of lesser importance.
  3. Consider life as a training ground: Learn from your mistakes. Conditions will only make you stronger.  This is both a way to get a mental edge and an absolute truth.  Adversity is a way to become smarter, stronger, more resilient, experienced and skilled.  Next time you experience a setback; avoid making excuses and seek out the lesson to be learned.

No one can ever be impressed with how good your excuses are.                      

You’ve got to make up your mind to produce results, make changes and avoid making excuses.

Each time you make an excuse, you create more holes to fix a nail of failure.


15 thoughts on “How to Eliminate Excuses

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  1. People sometimes create a lot of excuses for some issues or situations thinking they are doing that just to move forward with another agenda or part of their lives. But overtime when you look back and reflect, there’s just incomplete pieces, projects, things that have been neglected. And eventually you lose track of the things you made excuses for causing slow growth and checks in your progress.


  2. Thank you so much..there’s no excuse in my life..I am the best at what I do and I do that without making excuses, there’s no room for failure…I am so inspired


  3. Thank you very much ma. From hence forth I refuse to have any excuse because I am fearless and I always win. I will do any task given to me promptly and effectively in order to eliminate excuses


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