Have you ever suffered a defamation?

Have you been at the verge of making it big and someone pulls a button that makes all your hardwork come to nothing?

Or for a crime you didn’t commit, have you been indicted?

If you’ve experienced any of these or more, what was your reaction; and if you’ve not, what do you think it would’ve been?

All of these may present as legitimate reasons to take offense. Frankly, no one is to pass judgement if you actually do, but what is the more excellent approach?

Pause for a while & think, is my reaction gonna be of any true benefit; hope it won’t escalate the problem?

Would I be proud of my response in the near future?

Holding a grudge against someone else does more harm to you. If it is an issue that can be addressed between you two, settle your differences.

Some people are perpetually stagnated in life because they are still holding onto a wrong done them. The bad treatment of others towards you should not be factor to your progress. Let it go and move on.

To be happy, we shouldn’t switch focus, our primary goal is to treat others right & not to dwell on how they treat us. No one or any ill treatment done to you should tamper with the expressions of your inner excellence.

If everyone will do their part in treating others right, we’ll all go home Happy.

Strive to be your best at all times, do everything in love – expecting nothing in return. The world would be a better place if we all uphold our Part of the bargain.

Ultimately, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and see every new task as another step towards your advancement.

Always find a reason to be grateful and full of joy.

Life is more beautiful with your smile. Smile!! 😊



Add yours

  1. Wow! Amazing!…thank you ma for this post……for everything that happens I have the right response, I don’t hold grudges and no one can hurt me without my consent


  2. Being happy through letting go of wrong things done to us leaves space for joy in our hearts allowing us to do things for others in love devoid of any expectations……Thank you.


  3. Having the right response is key, as your responses are a reflection of what’s inside of you. Words make or mar. It’s left to us to choose what words we use and how we use them. Thank you❤


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