❤What’s your focus? What’s your perspective?
Challenging the Excellence in you…Stirring up your innate ability to rise…#NoLimits…..

❤You’re dauntless and limitless.

❤You can be on the verge of loosing a God given future because you see some things as normal.

You have to begin to see some things as abnormal now before it’s too late.
Sometimes we think faith, hope & prayers work in all situations.

Faith alone can’t make you pass an exams, you gotta 📖 study…
Praying doesn’t get you rich, understanding the principles of wealth creation and sowing does.

Hope doesn’t settle wrong relationships
Choosing right, Patience and Love does.


Sometimes we see eminent signs of danger but the matyr in us arises, we choose to pay the price and get broken in the process….my dear say no and turn to excellence.

If You keep making excuses for certain things you do or certain ways you think or make excuses for certain wrong influences around you; You’ll never rise above the mistakes that lie in wait to crash your future.

Certain relationships are distasteful and if you think it’s okay 👌🏻,your entirety will become comfortable with whatever you accept & That’s how your future will turn out to be.

You could possibly loose Your focus on the path God has set you on because of playing romance with unacceptable norms and mannerisms.

The Key 🔑 is to reject things that don’t augur well with your vision.

How do you want your future to be?

Start exercising yourself in virtue for that future.

Amazingly whatever we will be in future, we’re already becoming 💭
Anything that is resentful to the Holy Spirit (don’t ask “how will I know, cuz he’ll tell You) is not right for you.

It’s a training in righteousness…it’s a journey in perfection.
Irritability is an awesome quality so we can flee from disguised predators that seek to devour us.

Get irritated 😤 with mediocrity so your advancement will commence…a step you’ll never take if you feel pleased with averageness.


People who’ve married the wrong people; accepted wrong behaviors as ideal,
People who are sick 😷 are comfortable with the ailment & probably see it as a lesson from God.

I call that a crazy Romance with Death 💀

People who are poor came to terms to settle for less & see nothing wrong if they don’t have money 💰 they probably think 💭 being broke is being attractive.

To successfully overcome a barricade you must resent it & think of it as destructive to your upward rise.
Let’s set our Focus right…the Yeast to rise is in us.



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