Success Is Planned, Not A Miracle

SUCCESS is impacting the world with the investment of your personality.It is not measured by how much you have but by how much you’ve given to make the world around you a better place

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DD, D.Sc

My Life is Inspiring, I am a product of Grace, molded to be a light to my generation.

Imparting that success mentality to everyone I come in contact with has always been a burning passion. Simply put, people become better by getting to know me.

This blog is an extension of my Passion for success.

F.O.C.U.S. (Foundation Of Consciously Understanding Success), our Vision lets you in on the principles for creating a solid foundation that will stand the test of time no matter the current stage of life you are at.

Success is not an accident, it is based on principles.

My name is Emerald Ime Ukpe, a medical student committed to excellence and greatness.

God has blessed me with an awesome family and an amazing network of young people around the world.

My passion for writing was stirred in 2012 when the urgent need to be an outstretched arm to my world became paramount to me.

Expressing the inner voice that speaks so soft in words so I can reach great minds like You.

Success can be measured in the different aspects of life, which include finances, academics, career, health, interpersonal relationships, marriage, spirituality, etc.

With this blog I intend to provide a guide for success in most of these areas in the most intriguing ways. I hope to bring you answers to questions that may arise using the Word of God as a compass.

Time is a proof of wisdom; it is my greatest desire that in years from now this blog would have made tremendous impact in the lives of every reader.

I trust you will have a wonderful experience.



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